Present Perfect Tense

Hello Students,

Let’s learn about the Present Perfect Tense

Directions 1: Watch the Present Perfect Tense videos below:

2. Directions 2: Which of the 3 videos above were the most helpful to you? Was it the first? The Second? The Third? Use the comments section below to identify and explain why your favorite video was helpful in learning the Present Perfect Tense.

3. Directions 3: Learn about the Present Perfect Tense by clicking on the link below and studying the lesson and examples:

Present Perfect Tense | Grammar | EnglishClub

4. Directions 4: Take the Present Perfect Tense Online Quiz by clicking on the link below:

Present Perfect Quiz | Grammar | EnglishClub

5. Directions 5: Take the following two Present Perfect Online Quizzes by clicking on the links below:

Simple Past/Present Perfect? 1 (I)
Simple Past/Present Perfect? 2 (I)

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