Understanding Question Tags

Learn and Practice: Understanding Question Tags Introduction In English grammar, we often use question tags to seek confirmation or add emphasis to a statement. Question tags are short phrases that we add at the end of a sentence. These tags consist of an auxiliary verb and a pronoun. By using question tags, we can turn…

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Welcome to

Welcome to Maestro Sersea’s website dedicated to students learning English in our ESL Lab. Here you can learn English and share comments. What do you want to do today? — Click here if you want to work on a specific activity to improve your English — Click here if you want to Participate in our…

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Hello Students, Today we’re going to learn about commas. Directions 1: Please watch the following video carefully. Directions 2: Click on the following link to read the lesson on Commas and complete two quizzes: Commas | Comma Rules and Usage (

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Hello Students, Today we’re going to learn about PREPOSITIONS. Directions 1: Watch the following Prepositions videos: Directions 2: Read the following lesson on Prepositions and complete the quiz: What is a Preposition? | Grammar | EnglishClub Directions 3: Complete the following Prepositions exercises:

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