Basic Dialogues

Dialogue 1 Kelly: Hey, I didn’t know you moved here recently. Mia: Yeah, I moved here last month from Canada. Kelly: Really? How do you like living in the US? Mia: It’s great so far. People are really friendly and there’s so much to see and do. Kelly: That’s nice. Where in Canada are you…

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Oral Communication: Fluency Development

Developing Fluency in Oral Communication When it comes to oral communication, fluency plays a vital role in conveying our message effectively. Fluency is the ability to speak or write smoothly, accurately, and confidently. Developing fluency in oral communication takes practice, patience, and some key strategies. Importance of Fluency in Oral Communication Fluency is crucial in…

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Oral Communication: Conversation Strategies

Strategies for Effective Conversations In today’s lesson, we will explore strategies for effective oral communication, focusing on conversation techniques that can help improve your interactions with others. Effective communication is a vital skill that can benefit you in various aspects of your life, from forming relationships to succeeding in your future career. Let’s dive into…

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Listening Skills: Making Inferences

Developing Listening Skills: Making Inferences Listening is an essential skill that we use every day to understand the world around us. Developing strong listening skills can help us comprehend information more effectively and make connections between what is being said. One important aspect of listening is the ability to make inferences, which involves drawing conclusions…

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Listening Skills: Listening for Details

Developing Strong Listening Skills Listening for details is a crucial skill that can greatly enhance your understanding and comprehension. When you listen carefully and actively engage with the information being shared, you can pick up on important details that might otherwise be missed. In this section, we will discuss strategies and tips for improving your…

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