Customs and Cultures Around the World


Let’s learn about customs around the world today.

  1. Watch the following videos on different customs around the world.

2. Use the comments section below to write about the following, and don’t forget to respond to others:

— How do you greet people in your country?

— How do you celebrate birthdays in your country?

17 thoughts on “Customs and Cultures Around the World

  1. — How do you greet people in your country?
    The people in my country greet of hand or one kiss in the cheek.

    — How do you celebrate birthdays in your country?
    The people in my country celebrate birthdays with breaking piNatas with candys and present aguinaldos (bag) with more candys, there is also mariachi (music mexican) with the song ” LAS MA;ANITAS).
    This is how it is celebrated in most of the Mexico, I am from Guanajuato

  2. 1. People greet each other by shaking hands if it is between men, but if they are women or woman and man greet each other with a kiss on the cheek.
    2. The birthdays in my country are celebrated by giving a happy birthday very early in the morning, then in the afternoon the happy birthday is sung and the candle is extinguished and a cake is eaten.

  3. In my country the people greets with a kiss on the cheek,and we celebrate the birthday with a cake and we sing the mananitas

  4. In my city, Puebla Mexico, if you know the people you greet them with a kiss on the cheek and a hug, but if you don’t know the people or is the first time you met with you only greet shaking hands.

    For celebrating adults birthdays we make a party with the family and friends, we cut a cake and sing “las mananitas”. If the party is for children some times people hire a clown and break “pinatas”

  5. I’m from Mexico, and we’re celebrate those birthdays, with pinata y a lot of Candis, music, a lot of food, many hugs and in congratulations. And we are the greet people with hands.

  6. How do you greet people in your country?
    In my Country Mexico, Mexico City, we shake hand with people we know, but the family we kiss each other on the cheek.

    How do you celebrate birthdays in your country?

    We made a big celebrate with friends and families. We made a lot a food, drinks, cake and there is music to dance to.

  7. In my country we greet people like this:
    For friends: “Que onda vos” or “Que onda mano”
    For adult people: “Como esta usted”

    In my country we celebrate birthdays like this:
    For children: Break a pinata, eat cake and drink a soda.
    For adult: Food, drink and dance.

  8. How do you celebrate birthday in your country?
    In my country celebrate the birthday in the morning my mom put the song “Las Mananitas ”
    and eat cake with my all family.

  9. Hi I am Maria. I’m from Guerrero Mexico and in my state we greet to people saying ” Good mornings or good afternoon” but to our friends or family we greet them with a kiss on cheek or handshake.
    when somebody have a birthday we sing a son and and we share cake.

  10. I’am from Peru; in my country we geet shaking hands or giving a kiss on the cheek.
    In my country we celabrate our birthdays with snacks, food and cake; when you are a child with a pinata and when you has 15 there is a big party.

  11. I’m from Mexico, in Sinaloa greet people handshake and some people kiss on the cheek.
    In my country celebrate birthdays singing “las mananitas” and bit a cake.

  12. hey!! I’m from Guatemala, in my country we celebrate our birthday like making party we most eat cakes and candy’s & hit pinatas to the candy’s go down.
    we meet people in my country shake hands like [what’s up bro how it’s doing] but except old people when we meet them we talk with respect.

  13. when we meet a new friends, we shake hands with them. But if they are old than me, I can’t shake hands with them.
    I have to bow to them.
    If I get my birthday, I have to eating “Seaweed Soup” in the morning. This is our traditional custom.

  14. I’m from México in my country when we meet some people we shake hands we also give them a kiss on the cheek and we salute them with great respect.

    When we celebrate birthdays. We invite some friend all the family and many children. We rent a jumper too .we made a party after that we sing songs as happy birthday to you or the mañanitas then we cut the cake and eat a piece ok cake finally we open the gifs.there is a lot joy.

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