Basic Dialogues

Dialogue 1

Kelly: Hey, I didn’t know you moved here recently.

Mia: Yeah, I moved here last month from Canada.

Kelly: Really? How do you like living in the US?

Mia: It’s great so far. People are really friendly and there’s so much to see and do.

Kelly: That’s nice. Where in Canada are you from?

Mia: I’m from Toronto, but I’ve also lived in Vancouver for a few years.

Kelly: Oh, I love Vancouver! What made you move to the States?

Mia: I got a job offer in Los Angeles and thought it would be a great opportunity.

Kelly: LA is amazing. Have you been able to explore the city yet?

Mia: Not too much, but I plan on doing that soon. When did you move here?

Kelly: A few years ago for college. But I’m originally from Seattle.

Mia: Wow, so you’re used to living in big cities then.

Kelly: Yeah, but LA still has its own unique vibe. We should hang out sometime and I can show you around!

Mia: Definitely, thanks Kelly. How long have you been living here now?

Kelly: About four years. Time flies!

Dialogue 2

Kate: Hi, I’m Kate. What’s your name?

Sam: My name is Emma.

Kate: Nice to meet you, Emma! Where are you from?

Emma: I moved here from France a year ago.

Kate: That must have been quite an adjustment. Why did you move to the USA?

Emma: I came for university. I wanted to study business and there were great opportunities here.

Kate: Oh, that’s interesting. Are you enjoying it so far?

Emma: Yes, I really am. It’s very different from France but I like the new experiences and challenges.

Kate: That’s great. Well, welcome to America!

Emma: Thank you, Kate. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.

Kate: Of course! We’re happy to have you here.

Dialogue 3

Sarah: Hi, James! How’s it going?

James: Hey Sarah. It’s going great. How about you?

Sarah: It’s good too. I just had my English lesson.

James: Really? Why are you studying English?

Sarah: Well, for me learning English is really important.

James: Oh yeah? Why do you say that?

Sarah: First of all, I want to be able to communicate with more people from different countries. Plus, it helps in finding job opportunities and traveling.

James: That makes sense. Do you find it difficult to learn?

Sarah: It can be challenging sometimes, but it’s worth it.

James: Yeah, I agree. By the way, how did you do on your last test?

Sarah: I got an A. I’m pretty happy about it.

James: Wow, congratulations! Keep up the good work.

Sarah: Thanks, James. See you later.

James: Bye, Sarah.

Dialogue 4

Sara: Hi, Mary. I was just wondering, what do you like most about the USA?

Mary: Well, there’s so much to love about this country. The people are really friendly and welcoming.

Sara: That’s true. Where are you from in the UK again?

Mary: I’m from a small town near London.

Sara: Oh, cool. I’ve always wanted to visit England. What else do you like about America?

Mary: It may sound cliche, but I really love the food here. There are so many options and everything is so delicious.

Sara: Yes, there definitely isn’t a shortage of restaurants around here.

Mary: And I also love how diverse it is here. People from all different backgrounds and cultures coexist and share their traditions and customs.

Sara: Absolutely! It’s one of the things that makes this country so special.

Mary: Definitely. I am so grateful to call the USA my home now.

Sara: We’re lucky to have you here, Mary.

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