Modal Verbs Activity 3

Modal Verbs Activity 3

Understanding Modals:
Modal verbs are special verbs that are used to show necessity, possibility, ability, or permission in a sentence. They help to indicate the attitude of the speaker towards the action or state of being expressed.

Fill in the Blank:
Fill in the blank with the correct words.

  1. _ swim when I was only 3 years old.
  2. You _ eat all your vegetables to stay healthy.
  3. He _ be at the park by now.
  4. We _ go to the concert if we finish our homework on time.
  5. They _ choose between the red or blue shirt for the school event.

Word Bank:
can, must, should, could, may

Multiple Choice Questions:
Choose the correct answer from the choices for each question.

  1. Which modal verb can express ability?
    A) should
    B) would
    C) can
    D) might
  2. Which modal verb shows possibility?
    A) has to
    B) must
    C) may
    D) will
  3. Which modal verb is used to indicate permission?
    A) can
    B) shall
    C) could
    D) ought
  4. Which modal verb is used to suggest advice or recommendation?
    A) would
    B) could
    C) must
    D) should
  5. Which modal verb is used to express a strong likelihood or probability?
    A) might
    B) will
    C) may
    D) shall

Open Ended Questions:
Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

  1. Explain how modal verbs can make suggestions in a sentence.
  2. Create a sentence using the modal verb “could” to express possibility.

Answer Key:
Fill in the Blank:

  1. could
  2. must
  3. should
  4. can
  5. may

Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. C) can
  2. C) may
  3. A) can
  4. D) should
  5. A) might

Open Ended Questions:

  1. Modal verbs like “should” and “could” are used to give advice or make suggestions in a sentence.
  2. (Answers may vary, example: I could go to the beach if it’s sunny.)

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