PowerPoint Presentations 2/3

PowerPoint Presentation – Option A: My Family

Describe your family members, what you do together, plans for the future.

PowerPoint Presentation — Option B: My Country of Origin

Describe your country of origin. Teach your colleagues about your culture. (Can work in teams of 3)

Suggested Topics:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Traditions
  • Celebrations
  • Religions
  • Languages
  • Foods
  • Music
  • Art

PowerPoint Presentation – Option C: My American Dream

Describe your American Dream.  What is it and how will you make it happen?


  • Your PowerPoint presentation should have a title slide including your name(s)
  • Your PowerPoint presentation should have at least 5 slides
  • Make sure the images you use are relevant and in the public domain
  • Your slides should include images and text
  • Save your PPT on a USB Drive and double-check to make sure it’s saved

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