Popular Songs by Maher Zain

Hello Students,

Today we will sing along with some of Maher Zain’s most popular songs in the English language and then discuss our favorite song with other members of the class.

Directions 1: Watch the following video and try to sing along with the lyrics. Think about the meaning behind the song. What is the message behind this song?

Directions 2: Watch the following video and try to sing along with the lyrics. Think about the meaning behind the song. What is the message behind this song?

Directions 3: What is your favorite song from the two songs above? Write about this song in the comments section below and tell us what the song means. Then, respond to two or more of your colleagues and let them know what you think about what they wrote.

35 thoughts on “Popular Songs by Maher Zain

  1. For me both songs are very interesting, because they talk about humanity. Because that in these times is far away.

    1. For me both songs sound very similar. I think is important that songwriters compose songs about this situations.

  2. One of my favorite song is Hold my hand, I like that music because Is talking about help each other and there are many ways to do it right, trying to get a better world.

  3. I like second video, because talk the trust, we are one family in the world, only from different country, is sad the people in the governments writhing law only for themselves and no fight for help to people of your countries.

  4. for me I thing the big family because , he is taking about the every one we are the same feeling . we are one family
    and always we have to see who is behind.

  5. Hello Everybody!
    My favorite song is “Hold my Hand” Because talk about the all fights in the world and how bad it does to us. Maher Zain, speak to us that is better helping each other for save the spirit of humanity and make a better world, a Beautiful World.
    “Hold my Hand my Friend” ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I like both songs, but I like more the ( ONE BIG FAMILY). he’s talking no matters where the other person stays or if they fights they are One Big Family.

  7. This song make us thinking what we have to live with our neighbor.
    I want to learn this song ” hold my hand” as well as I want to learn attitude of life.

  8. For me the second one is better.
    The song talk about the world is better when we see each other like a sisters and brothers’
    We see the same things.
    Everyone try to find the happiness .

  9. HELLO
    I think for my i like One big Family. He tells us about something true we are all brothers and sister in the world.
    The fact that we come from another country that does not indicate that we are different we are all human beings.
    We just have different customs and different languages.

  10. I like the song Hold my hand, because remind me the song of The Beatles “I want to Hold your hand”.
    I also like this song because Mr. Maher Zain describes step by step what is really happening to us as humanity, where a lot of people don’t care for others. I like his vision to help each other with only give them a hand to help.

  11. the first song talks about working together as a single group whitout distiguishing anypartner and neighbor and eveyone around us i like it

  12. I like more te song “One Big Family”
    I believe in God, I’m catholic for tradition, when I was a kid my parents take me and my brothers to the church, but I do’nt learn nothing. When I grow up I met different religions, and other beliefs, all this think they have the true, but what’s the true, the Bible says the “the truth will set you free” I think all this religions and beliefs has some part of the true, but no the all.
    I believe we are souls in a body taking a human experience, that’s why I think this song talk something about it

  13. My favorite song is one big family because this song tells us which are the feelings and thoughts of united family and we don’t have to fight because we are one family brothers and sister with the same value at the end of the day, we are all the same.

  14. song: One Big Family____ I like this song because is about family and friends that we need to help and love each other that there no differences between skin colors or languages..

  15. The two songs talk about important things, but the one I liked is hold my hand because it talks about sharing and helping. And I think as human beings we should always try to empathize with other people.

  16. I like Hold my hand song because , it invites us to reflect because we have become cold, empty people, we hurt them, let’s take our hands and make a beautiful, safe world, a world without crying. let’s do it.

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